There are four areas that I focus on with my clients; nutrition, cardio, anaerobic and a positive state of mind. The areas must all be combined for a successful program. I will help you understand and implement all needed areas into your daily lifestyle.

My goal for my clients is to help them lose weight and keep it off. There are a number of fad diets and routines that may cause rapid weight loss but also rapid weight gain after you burn out from lack of nutritional requirments.


Eating healthier with a lowered caloric intake is the key to success when it come to nutrition. Not starving yourself on a fad diet! Whole grains, protein and healthy fats are essential. Your diet should consist of 3 parts Carbohydrates, 2 parts Proteins and 1 part essential fats.


I recommend 2-3 Days of cardio for 40 minutes per session. Many people make the mistake of overdoing cardio. The issue with this is that while you do burn off fat, you also burn of muscle. Muscle is necessary because it helps you burn off fat even when at rest.


Anerobic is just a fancy word which means resistance. During training sessions; I have my clients use a combination of band resistance, free weights and body weight. As noted above, we must build and maintain muscle for success. Dependant on your goals, I teach you the proper way to lift in order to tone up, bulk up, slim down etc.

Positive State of Mind

If you have tried to lose weight before, you will understand what I mean by burn out! I keep the workouts fresh and fun in order to keep you motivated and excited about not only the routine but the result that you will see from your hard work!


I would encourage you to use the wealth of knowlege that can be found on the internet. Just be sensible about the information that you are being told. If it sounds drastic; you probably should ask me about it before you attempt it. Remember, fad diets do not lead to life long changes. Below is a link to a reputable source. If you have any question please ask. i would be happy to assist you.